Friday, August 24, 2012

Campagna T-Rex

Campagna T-Rex was designed and styled by Deutschman Designers. When we caught a glimpse of this vehicle, must be confused, in the category are this. When we call a car, but it has only three wheels. Called the motorcycle, but the configuration of the seats sideways and not backwards like a motorcycle in general. So the T-Rex classified car or motorcycle?

T-Rex Car
T-Rex Car Motorcycle

Design T-Rex, produced by Campagna Motors is slightly unique. But that was not the reason for the underestimate the T-Rex.

Armed with a strong tubular frame and a roll-cage, T-Rex ensures protection for the passengers though qualified for the affairs of the body of the T-Rex is still using fiberglass as the main ingredient.

Not only that, to further support the safety of the passengers, Campagna also strengthen the side and front of the T-Rex so that when an accident, a fatal result can be reduced.

Sense of security and the real driver to know that the three-point safety belt turned out to be a standard instrument for the vehicle. And there will be no warning if the driver or passenger forget to use it.

t‑rex wallpaper
T‑Rex Cars

T-Rex dimension (LxWxH) 3500 mm x 1981 mm x 1067 mm, with a net weight of 472 kg. And not only offers a beautiful setting with a myriad of safety devices, just as the main merchandise.

Because to business performance, the ability of T-Rex seems to correspond to its name ferocious. Since armed with machine Four-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC 1352 cc capacity. T-Rex with confidence to run from 0-100 km per hour in just 3.92 seconds with a topspeed reached 220 km/h.

T-Rex Engineering can also generate tremendous power to 197 hp with a torque of up to 113.5 lb-ft at 7,500 rpm rotation.

Campagna Motors T-Rex itself issued in two versions of the T-Rex 14R and T-Rex 14RR with a price tag amounting to $ 51,999 to $ 56,500.

Campagna T-Rex Picture and Wallpaper

Campagna T-REX 14R MotorcycleCampagna T-Rex Motorcycle Prosperity Yellow Base Model
orange T-rex motorcycleT-Rex-Cars
t-rex-chevroletTurbo T-Rex

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